Adapt to changing market demands. Work from a single view of your customer base. Centralize processes for coordinated marketing, up-selling and cross-selling, and delivery of convergent services. Increase customer loyalty, ARPU and customer lifetime value.

The challenge in telecom marketing is remaining consistent and relevant as customers move online and offline. We help you connect customers to a meaningful cross-channel experience, while maintaining the privacy standards expected in the industry.

Base camp has been partnering with telecommunication companies from many years - helping them increase efficiency and improve responsiveness by providing solutions that offer end-to-end support for their key business processes. At Aequor, we deliver business value to telecom companies by providing innovative new solutions that strengthen business and operational support systems.

Infrastructure investments are shifting towards equipment that can concurrently provide high performance and capacity as well as service flexibility and velocity. Further, businesses need powerful software to sufficiently support and manage all their processes. Both service providers and equipment manufacturers understand that success here depends on the right choice of contractors and partners

Base camp provides a comprehensive, integrated event-enabled platform that bridges the enterprise and network, creating a real-time, event-driven layer that can increase the value of your network, business and operational support systems.Base camp solutions connect data, systems, and people so events and data can flow throughout your operations and extended value chain. Our innovative event-processing technologies collect, connect and graphically represent events to identify and correlate patterns that signify opportunities and risks, bringing data closer to where the events are actually happening. With real-time information from the business support system, operations support systems network traffic, customer interactions, third parties and other critical events, you can monitor and manage your business from a vantage point that is closer to their subscribers as events are made relevant and actionable with contextual understanding.

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