Logistics is a demanding and essential activity since it serves as an integrating or a boundary straddling function. This day tech-savvy consumer has totally transformed the shopping experience, making supply chains more multifaceted and dynamic than ever before. Hence, if a company wants to be a leader and not laggard, then it must be well-equipped with the best Logistic Software to plan, supply, and deliver products to their customers in this dynamic environment

It is surprising to know that logistics has an initially military origin. As a business concept it evolved with a need to supply large volumes of materials and to ship products in a globalizing supply chain. The terms logistics and transportation are applied to describe the flow and storage of goods from the point of origin to a destination. Logistics and transportation is nowadays a highly competitive business sphere. It includes freight forwarding, inventory, material handling, packaging and disposal as well as warehousing. It all goes without saying that logistics business implies overland, sea, air and other sectors.

The field force though can access applications that are not business related, thereby losing focus and productivity. This may also cause unnecessary data usage cost. Our products provide these companies with device lockdown and management solutions to make sure that their field force do not use and download any of the unauthorized applications on the tablet.

Mobile technology empowering logistics industry with fast movement of goods. With field staff using mobile devices, communication between them and the central office has become seamless and smooth which has led to availability of real-time updates. The uninterrupted communication helps the support team systematically analyse data, thereby directly helping business.

Base camp solutions for logistics and transportation businesses focus on core competencies and specific character of your company and streamline all the versatile data from different aspects into an effective business unit.

Logistics and supply chain industry is about moving materials from point of origin to finally the point of consumption with speed and accuracy. To remain competitive in today's economy, it has become inevitable for establishments to incorporate mobile technology in their operations. As a result, supply chain companies are arming their field force with mobile devices for increased business productivities and better customer satisfaction.

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