Education is the core and essential element of any country that facilitates its economic growth and maintains intellectual development of its people. The 21st century is the time of information technology. In so doing, it's vitally important for every modern society to provide a stable bond between education and high-tech innovations.

We possess an extensive background in software for Education, E-learning, Knowledge and Document Management. We develop a number of high technology solutions, which includes the development based on a proprietary knowhow. We will be glad to apply our expertise for solving your issue. Our experience embraces solutions of various scopes: from mobile and desktop applications to corporate-level solutions.

Knowledge pays dividends, especially when it's paired with best-in-class technology. That's why base camp offers exceptional education and training on Double-Take, MIMIX, iTERA and OMS/ODS solutions. Our training programs help you effectively plan, implement, monitor, audit, manage, and troubleshoot your investment in our Migration, Cloud, HA & DR and Cross-Platform Data Sharing solutions.

The promise of personalized learning is realized by harnessing data from multiple sources to build an individualized profile of each student. MuleSoft provides the connectivity to make this happen and in parallel increase operational effectiveness.

You are free to choose the learning path and delivery method best suited to your organization's unique skill and knowledge requirements. In addition, we offer base camp partners and customers certification on most products from base camp.

The complex business and academic needs to education section are unique in nature. The need of the industry is to deliver more with less. The educational institutions, colleges and universities are varied in their needs for addressing the emerging trends and challenges related to enrollment management, constituent relationship management, learning management, alumni management etc. Educational institutions have also reached the saturation rate, looking for the need of software industry for better ways to conduct software testing of educational software products before they realize to ensure the Quality.

  • eLearning: Busy schedule? We're flexible. Work at your own pace and learn as you go.
  • Instructor-Led Training: Get hands-on experience with instructors who don't just teach - they relate.
  • Private Classes: Tailored specifically to your needs, our private training is built around a specialized agenda, making it one of the most efficient ways to gain new knowledge and skills.
  • Certification: For MIMIX, iTERA, OMS/ODS and Double-Take partners, certified instructors offer flexible training courses and varying levels of product certification to make you competent in configuring, deploying, and maintaining data replication and high availability products from Vision Solutions.
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